4 Best Shrubs To Plant In PA

4 Best Shrubs To Plant In PA

Aside from making your property look great, shrubs can benefit your property in a lot of ways. Do you have a neighbor you can’t stand the sight of? Well, shrubs make for great natural screens that will cost a lot less than a fence! Additionally, if planted close enough together, shrubs can be great intermediaries between large elements of your property. For example, shrubs can help bridge the open space gap between a house and a tree. Also, shrubs are great for acting as ground cover. A low growing shrub creates less space that needs to be mowed or weed wacked. So what are the best shrubs to plant in PA, and how spaced out should they be?


How Spaced Out Should Shrubs Be?

The rule of thumb for shrub planting has always been at least half the width of the plant at maturity. An example of this would be planting a shrub that is 3 feet wide at maturity 1.5 feet away from a driveway. To cover up the space between an element and the shrub, flowers and perennials can be planted until the shrub reaches maturity and fills that empty space out. If that sounds like too much work, covering the ground with mulch will help keep weeds down and the soil moist. Below we have listed a few of our favorite shrubs to plant for our clients in Southeastern PA.



rhododendron plant best shrubs in pennsylvania


Rhododendrons are one of the most common shrubs homeowners plant around their property. The large pink, purple, red, and yellow clusters that bloom during the spring are beautiful. They are relatively low maintenance once established, and come in all kinds of sizes. They can be low growing ground covers, or large bush plants like the picture shown here. There are more than two thousand different kids of rhododendron types, which allows homeowners to choose from all kinds of options like height, color, and smell.

Panicle Hydrangeas

panicle hydrangeas best shrubs to plant in pennsylvaniaHydrangeas are great plants for forming a hedge, or for having them provide a beautiful wall for your property. These bushes can do well with partial shade, and have large, beautiful white flowers that sometimes turn to pink in the before drying out. If a homeowner is concerned about the hydrangeas getting too big, they do make dwarf varieties which will remain small. Make sure to prune these hydrangeas in the early spring in order to encourage new growth.



peonies one of the best shrubs to plant in PAThese are a relatively easy to grow shrub with little maintenance required. They are bacteria resistant, so treating it with chemicals is not an issue. They also do not need a lot of watering once they have been established. Once a few years have passed by, peonies are one of the best shrubs to plant in PA. The distinct pink blossoms will stand out in your home’s garden this year.


Crape Myrtle

crape myrtle bush best shrubs in pennsylvania

Dwarf Crape Myrtles bushes have a long lasting bloom time with bright color. The bloom period starts in the summer and will last all fall in Pennsylvania, some can bloom for around a third of the year! These plants are great anchor shrubs for gardens and islands. We added Crape Myrtle bushes to this list because special varieties of Crape Myrtles exist that only grow to about three to five feet, making them the size of a shrub. Most people think of large trees when they hear Crape Myrtle, but they can be found a shrubs!

If you have any other recommendations about the best shrubs to plant in PA, let us know! Contact us today.

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