Gas Or Electric Leaf Blower For Your Home?

Ryan Cooper of “The Week” Says Electric

In his article which you can find a link to below, Ryan Cooper discusses the negatives of using gas powered equipment. He goes as far as to say “Gas-powered leaf blowers are indeed bad. But the problem runs deeper. In fact, all small gasoline engines — used in things like weed whackers, lawn mowers, tillers, and so forth — are astoundingly filthy and should be phased out as soon as possible. It’s time to electrify all lawn equipment.”

We have used both electric and gas powered leaf blowers before and Mr. Cooper is not wrong in saying that they both preform the same job. Electric leaf blows from brands like Stihl, Echo, and Toro are all excellent tools. Electric leaf blowers however, are not practical when we are cleaning up lawns that are over an acre. The cord that you plug into the wall is also a hassle when trying to clean up leaves.

leaf blowing service imageleaf removal tool












But Mr.  Cooper is onto something here with all electric leaf blowers, weed wackers, and mowers.

Tesla uses batteries now that are capable of driving cars for hundreds of miles without needing to be recharged. In the near future, it is very likely that landscaping equipment could also see a similar change. This would not only be great for our environment, but also for the landscaping companies. Gas an oil are one of the biggest costs for a landscaping company. Switching to electric would save our landscaping company a lot of money.

“Overall, while estimates are of course hard to make, a 2011 EPA study concluded that gas-powered lawn equipment was responsible for 24-45 percent of non-road gasoline emissions. The California government predicts that within a few years, gas-powered lawn equipment will be the biggest source of ozone pollution in the state.”

Is Change Possible In The Industry?

Change would be great for all of us and our environment. Unfortunately, there is no battery powered lawn mowers on the market right now, and none in development that we are aware of.

If you are looking for a leaf blower to clear off your walkway or your patio, we always recommend buying an electric leaf blower. Not only are they easy to store, but they also are extremely affordable. Some brands like Black and Decker can be found as low as $40. Avoid buying a gas powered blower for small areas. They almost always require mixed gasoline, and need to be stored in a shed or else the smell of gasoline will fill up your garage or home.

This video below does a great job of testing out different leaf blowers and giving you an interactive explanation of each.

As landscapers, we obviously care about the environment. When new technology comes along that creates environmentally friendly lawn equipment, we will be sure to be early adopters.





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Landscaping In Pipersville, PA

On Saturday, we got a landscaping service request from a client in Pipersville. She had an end property in a town home development, and wanted leaf removal and a final lawn cut. We were more than happy to help!

Going into the job, we were not sure if about the size of the end property. We did a quick search on Google Maps and still were not sure about the size of her backyard since it intersects with the neighbors. She also had a small pop-up fence which added to the amount of weed wacking that was necessary. The leaf removal was fast and only took about 6 30-Gallon bags to remove it all. Our team was able to finish the leaf removal in just over an hour, but we did not charge any additional time.

For the final cut, we had our blades on the 4” setting which is the lowest we ever cut at. We’ve found in the past that mowing lawns lower than 4 will burn the grass, especially in the summer time. It’s best to make your final cut as low as possible without damaging the grass for a number of reasons. First, when long grass is left during the winter, snow and leaves pile on top of it. When the long grass tries to grow during the spring, it has a much tougher time growing.

Landscaping Service Pipersville, PA


Second, when grass is left long during the winter, grass no longer stands straight. When long grass begins to lean over, that is when you invite disease, which thrives during wet seasons like April. Long leaning grass also shades other pieces of grass that haven’t grown as fast, and prevents them from getting normal sunlight. If you don’t normally cut your lawn low, you more than likely have yellow spots on your lawn. Instead of spraying it with fertilizer and other chemicals in the spring, cut your lawn short during the winter and you’ll avoid yellow disease spots.





Edging Around Fences

The above image is the small pop-up fence I mentioned earlier. The fence was dug into the ground only at the points where the poles with the round knobs on top are located. This meant that a good majority of the fencing was hovering just above the grass, which made it easy for weed wacking and providing a nice edge along the fence. Edging like this needs to be accounted for when creating a price for a property like this. While it may appear small, the additional time needed to edge this fence adds to the cost of maintaining this property.

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For the best landscaping service Pipersville, PA and the best lawn care Pipersville, PA, Bolton Lawn Care has got you covered. Get in contact with us today for a free estimate.

Snow Removal Services In Chalfont, PA

Snow Removal Chalfont, PA

man shoveling a driveway in Chalfont, PAIf you are looking for someone for driveway snow removal service in New Britain, Bolton Lawn Care has you covered. While our name might say “lawn care” we also offer snow removal service. We’ve built a book of clients that we take care of each winter when snow storms hit. The winter of 2017-2018 is supposed to be a warm winter, but there will be more snow than we have been used to in the fast few years. December, January, and March are supposed to be hit the hardest with snow. Sign up for our snow removal service today and get a 10% discount on your first snow removal by typing the word “SNOW2017” in the comment section of your sign up sheet.




Reliable Snow Shoveling Near You

cub cadet snow thrower that is used for snow removal by Bolton Lawn Care in Chalfont, PA

With our Cub Cadet 2×24 Snow Thrower we are able to get most driveways and sidewalks done in under 30 minutes. Our machine is capable of handling snow over a foot with ease. If you get snowed in this winter, save your back the pain of shoveling your driveway out. Let our Cub Cadet breeze through the winter snow. The picture above is of a snow removal client in New Britain. We know from experience, shoveling as kids, that driveways without equipment can take around an hour. Save the back pain and time and give us a shout.


Unless you feel like spending $1,200 on a Cub Cadet like the one we have, you are most likely going to be shoveling your driveway. Our snow removal service customers in New Britain have always been satisfied by our top notch equipment at Bolton Lawn Care. We only purchase the best capital for our business, in order to maximize our customer satisfaction. With lousy equipment, you’ll get lousy snow removal and lawn care. Purchasing a tiny snow blower that costs around $300 is a total waste of money! Not only do they frequently break down, but they can barely handle snow that is more than a few inches. Sadly, a lot of homeowners will be tricked into buying one of these and be disappointed with their purchase.

Are Rock Salts Hurting Your Pet?

Rock Salts May Melt Snow, But Could Be Hurting Your Dog On A Walk.

When snow starts to fall, many homeowners reach for a bag of rock salts to put down before the snow piles up. We’ve discussed the advantages and disadvantages of putting ice melts and rock salts down on our website before, but we have not discussed the effects it has on our pets. If you decide to take your dog for a walk through the neighborhood, make sure to avoid the parts of the sidewalk with salt on them.

rock salts from snow removal hurting your petWhen dogs lick or eat small amounts of rock salts, it can cause serious stomach irritation. If your dog ingests a large amount of ice melt, the electrolyte balance in your dog’s body can be seriously altered. When a dog’s electrolyte balance is messed up, they can become lethargic, weak, and in serious cases have seizures. Consuming rock salt can also cause severe dehydration and liver failure. There have been reports of fatal incidents occurring because a dog has ingested rock salt.

When you are done walking your dog, make sure to clean their paws off. Dogs may lick their salt covered paws, which will cause irritation. If you let your dog outside, make sure they are not drinking from puddles that may be contaminated with ice melt, or the same symptoms mentioned above can occur. If your dog is suddenly stopping on walks, make sure to check the bottom of their paws. The pads on their paws can get dry and even crack in cold weather. When they step on ice, it’s like rubbing salt on an open wound!

Need To Put Rock Salt Down? Here Are Some Tips:


If you decide it’s necessary to put rock salt on your driveway or sidewalk, we encourage you to take preventative measures to ensure your dog does not get hurt. If you would rather not put boots on your dog, or kitten mittens on your cat, make sure to follow these tips:


  • Avoid walking your dog in areas that have been salted
  • Don’t let your pet drink from puddles, especially ones on the street or sidewalk which may have been contaminated by rock salts.
  • Keep any salt bags (if you have them) out of your pet’s reach.snow removal tips to protect your pet
  • Some products that are labeled “Pet Safe” may not really be pet safe. There are no regulations on rock salt that prove the claim “Pet Safe”. As a precaution, assume that all ice melts can be hazardous to your pet.
  • Wipe your pets paws down after a walk to make sure any exposure to ice melts are gone. There are products such as the Paw Plunger that help do this, but a simple towel or damp cloth will do the job.
  • If you have put down rock salts or other ice melts, make sure to hose them down if the weather is warm enough, or sweep them away if they have not melted. Sweeping rock salt into your grass will kill your lawn’s ph level so be mindful of that as well.


All Natural Deicers


There are all-natural deicers on the market. In a last ditch effort to remove ice from the patio, driveway, or walkway, there are options like Safe Paw. Safe Paw does not use salt in their deicing formula, making it safer for our pets. Also, online there are home remedies for deicing that have less sodium and no additives.

Think about this the next time you decide to put salt down: If you wouldn’t walk with your bare feet on ice melts, why would you let your dog? If you still want to put salt down to prevent ice from forming on your driveway or sidewalk, remember that the best way to remove snow is a snow shoveling service or snow removal service, like the ones we provide at Bolton Lawn Care. We only use salt or ice melts if we are instructed by our clients, and we tend to discourage the use of them. We can clean your driveway up without the use of chemicals that may harm our dogs. Sign up today for our automatic snow removal service, and worry less about shoveling your driveway. Enjoy your snow day, and let us do the hard work for you.

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How To Keep Your Car Safe In The Snow

snow removal new britain pa

How To Prevent Your Car Safe, And From Getting Damaged During The Winter.

It has been a busy winter for us at Bolton Lawn Care! We have not seen this much snow in years. The amount of snow storms we saw in December and in January, so far, are unprecedented. It seems as if, at least once a week we are bracing ourselves for another snow storm. The frigid temperatures that accompany snow are can also be very problematic. Even some of our equipment has experienced a number of issues. The car battery on our truck has had a lot of trouble as of late. Sometimes the truck turns on right away, and sometimes it  takes four of five turns. Consumer reports states that, “Your vehicle’s battery is especially hard hit when the mercury plummets. Cold temperatures reduce its cranking power. In fact, at about 0° F, a battery has only about half the cranking power it has at 80° F,”. So what can you do to make sure you car battery is working reliably, and will not fail you in a winter storm?

If you have a maintenance free battery, you will not need to check the fluid levels. If you have a regular battery, you should find plastic caps on top of the battery which you will need to remove in order to check the fluid levels. Add distilled water if the fluid levels are not at the correct level. Check your owner’s manual for the correct level if you are not sure, or research it online. In the case of our battery, which is getting old, we had to recharge the battery multiple times over the past few weeks. Batteries get worn out over extended use, so changing your battery may be necessary. We are in the process of getting a new battery for our truck. 


Wiper Blade Condition


snow covered car in new britain pa

When is the last time you changed your wiper blades? If it has been more than six months, it    may be time for an update. When you have periods of freezing temperatures, like we have been experiencing, your wiper blades will undergo an enormous amount of wear and tear. Most people will use their antifreeze and windshield wipers on their morning commute to help see. Avoid using your windshield wipers right away in the morning. We recommend turning your car on five to seven minutes before you leave for work so you can properly defrost your vehicle. Instead of using the antifreeze with frozen windshield wiper blades, use your car’s heating system to do the job. When the temperature is below freezing, windshield wipers can rip and break, leaving you in a bad situation if you get caught in a snow storm without working windshield wipers. Windshield wipers are also very easy to install. 


Clearing Snow Off The Car


snow removal tool chalfont

If you need to get to work on a snowy day before we have arrived for snow removal, make sure to clear the snow off of your car. As obvious as it may seem, a lot of people will forget to clear snow off the roof of the car in an effort to quickly get the snow off their windshield before rushing out of the house. When you slam on the breaks because someone has cut you off, all of the snow on the roof of your car is going to come avalanching down on your windshield, blinding your vision. This can be extremely dangerous! If you don’t have a snow removal tool, we strongly advise purchasing one. If you have never heard of the Snow Joe Broom, we recommend purchasing one. They are easy to store in your vehicle due to their compact size, but very effective for removing snow on your car without causing any damage to the glass or any surface for that matter.

Make sure that your windshield wash is full before going out on the roads. With all of the rock salt, dirt, mud, and black ice on the roads, the windshield of our cars will become filthy. This can also pose a driving hazard, so make sure that your windshield washer tank is full. In the winter, it is not a bad idea to switch from your normal windshield wiper fluid to a winter-blend with antifreeze in it.


Keeping Your Tires In Check

If you’ve been putting off getting new tires for the past few weeks or months, now is definitely an appropriate time to get them. Tires that are old and worn out will have a much more challenging time in the snow. Winter-grade tires are always more expensive this time of the year, but your life and your safety depends on having good tires in the snow. Unless you avoid driving in the snow all together, you’re going to need to be able to drive in snowy and icy conditions. Look online for highly rated sets of tires that perform well in the snow. You can also purchase all season tires which work best for our area, since we experience all seasons unlike states like Florida. Tire pressure will fall along with the temperature, so make sure to keep the tires properly inflated.

If you don’t already own one of these nifty little tools (pictured below), you should absolutely purchase one. These are called tire pressure gauges and can cost as little as $3. Every tire has two numbers that you should be aware of when adding air to your tires. The first is the maximum pressure. This will be engraved right on your tire and will be in the form of PSI. This is NOT the level at which you should inflate your tire. This is a common mistake many people  unknowingly make. The maximum pressure level for a tire is much higher than what is called the operating pressure. Operating pressure can be found on the sticker of your driver’s side door. When you open your car, you will notice a yellow and white sticker on the side next to the seat. Here you will see your operating pressure level, which is the ideal level for driving in any weather. In the video below, the maximum tire pressure is listed at 44 PSI, while the operating pressure is listed at only 30. This difference is very significant, so make sure you are inflating your tires to the correct PSI. 

tire pressure gauge chalfont pa

Places like the Wawa in Colmar offer free tire air, so adding air to your tires is a very inexpensive way to make sure your car is running safe during the winter.

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What To Consider When Hiring A Landscaper In Philadelphia

Hiring The Best Landscapers For Your Phiadelphia Home.

Hiring a professional landscaper in Philadelphia is the safest way to ensure that your lawn stays healthy this year. A qualified landscaping company like Bolton Lawn Care provides excellent service on a consistent basis, not just on occasion.

landcaper in philadelphia, pennsylvania
There are a number of landscaping companies in Philadelphia, so it’s important to make your decision based on results. Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania, so finding a landscaping service won’t be hard. What will be hard, however, is finding a service that delivers excellent results. Top notch lawn mowing companies provide quality care and maintenance, without costing you an arm and a leg.

We encourage all people searching for a new landscaping service to do research before hiring a company. A friend’s recommendation is one of the most popular ways weekly lawn mowing services get hired. Who wouldn’t trust a friend’s recommendation? Referrals from friends, neighbors, and relatives is an excellent source of information when deciding on hiring a new lawn mowing service.


Landscapers In Philadelphia

At Bolton Lawn Care, almost all of our business is generated through word of mouth referrals. If you’re a business owner, you understand that a business referral is the most powerful source of generating new business. What’s the easiest way of getting a referral? By consistently providing excellent service.

As homeowners, we tend not to brag about average lawn mowing service. Nobody brags about an average lawn. Simple. Our company consistently strives to provide service that makes your lawn look like it could be featured on a golf course. When looking for a lawn care company, search online for their reputation.

Google reviews are a great service when trying to understand the reputation of a business. People online can give good or bad reviews for a service, and according to a study by the Small Business Bureau, 90% of consumers trust a google review as much as a personal review. Google has taken measures to ensure that spammers and fake reviews are harder to post, giving the google ratings more credibility.

Consider A Company’s Age

Another important thing to consider is how long the company has been in business. The age of the company can indicate a long standing history of success. This is not to discredit younger businesses, but a business like Bolton Lawn Care that has been around since the 1950’s is no coincidence. Companies with over 60 years of experience and success stay in business because of their commitment to keeping their core values.

snow removal chalfont pa

The most basic service a landscaping company can provide is lawn mowing and weed wacking. Companies that go above and beyond provide:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Border edging for driveways, walkways and patios
  • Weeding
  • Leaf removal in the spring and fall
  • Mulching service
  • Landscaping

The best landscaping companies in addition to weekly lawn mowing service can offer planting services. Planting services include seasonal planting of flowers, mulching, and garden designs. It can be tough to find a landscaper in Philadelphia, but look no further!


The Two Most Common Mistakes When Hiring A Landscaping Service.

Landscaping companies in Philadelphia, PA like Bolton Lawn Care have years of experience with landscaping. Experience goes hand-in-hand with knowledge in landscaping. With over 60 years of experience, Bolton Lawn Care’s knowledge of landscaping and lawn care is unmatched. If you’re looking for a quality landscaping service, contact Andrew today for a free estimate.


Hiring A Landscaping Service Without An Assessment.


Another common mistake is hiring a new landscaping company without asking for an assessment. Each properly has different landscaping conditions and is a different size. More often than not when people hire companies without an assessment, people end up overpaying. Overpaying for a landscaper in Philadelphia is extremely common. On the flip side, often people will pay for a landscaper in Philadelphia who is extremely cheap, and get poor landscaping as a result. The best way to judge a company is by their professionalism, their website, and the work they have done.



Not Getting A Property Assessment.

During a property assessment with Andrew, make sure to discuss your needs and your budget. Andrew will walk around the property with you and any problems your current yard has, make sure to make him aware of them.


How Much Does Landscaping Cost?


Many people ask this and the answer is much more complicated than the question. Standard lawn mowing service all depends on your property. If you have neighbors with similar sized homes, ask them what they pay. Let Andrew know during your property assessment what your neighbors are paying for homes of similar size. He will most likely give you a similar estimate, or a lower one if he sees fit. For services like mulching and leaf removal, Andrew follows a T x M model. A T x M model is explained more in our blog about T x M, but at it’s most basic level, it’s Time x Material = Cost of Service. Snow removal pricing will also need to be assessed by Andrew based on the size of your driveway. At the current time, we do not do snow removal in Philadelphia, only in Bucks County and Montgomery County.