Fall Leaf Cleanup Service

Fall Leaf Cleanup Service

Fall Leaf Cleanups And Leaf Removal

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We are scheduling fall leaf cleanups in New Britain, Chalfont, Doylestown and surrounding towns now so please contact us for a free leaf removal/leaf cleanup estimate!

Interested in curb side leaf pickup? This fall forget bagging your leaves! Blow them to the curb and call us and we’ll pick them up with our leaf loader and haul them away for you.

We’ve written before on our blog about the importance of cleaning your leaves for a healthy lawn. Fall leaf cleanup is essential for preserving a healthy lawn. Leaves, when mulched up by a mower are great organic compost. However, if left sitting on your lawn, will undoubtedly invite disease to plague your lawn next spring. Many factors affect the rate and time leaves will fall on your lawn. The two most important factors are rainfall and temperature. A drought will cause leaves to fall quicker, while excess precipitation (like we have had in 2018 and 2019) will delay trees from dropping leaves.

Leaf Cleanups New Britain PA

Leaves when left on the lawn retain moisture, and we know that moisture can invite a host of problems such as fungus, rust, and insects. Andrew wrote the following articles on lawn disease, common weeds, and lawn pests. However, if you have a garden or garden beds around your property, mulched leaves can be a major benefit. The leaves will help shrub beds and gardens retain moisture during the cold months, which will benefit the beds unlike the grass. Since leaves sit on top of the grass, they block out sun and oxygen. Mulched leaves that sit on mulch beds will not block out sun or oxygen from shrubs. A leaf cleanup or leaf removal service, and some fertilizer will help put your lawn to sleep nicely for the winter.

andrew standing next to a truck full of leaves after a cleanup

If you are looking for a lawn maintenance service, click on your town below for more information, or visit our contact page for an estimate.

Here is a small gallery of some of our leaf removal service work! Check out our Facebook and Instagram where we regularly post images of our work.

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