Gravely Proturn 60 Review

gravely proturn 60 review

After having put 350 hours on the Gravely Proturn 60 this year with our company, I feel confident in giving a detailed review on the mower.

Let’s start with the pro’s:

gravely proturn 60 sitting on a trailer covered in grass
Long day of use during wet conditions!
  • Built like a Tank – This mower can take a beating and will hold up when it comes to daily wear and tear.
  • Smooth Ride – The air suspension seat is unnecessary (given the extra $1000 cost associated with it). The standard factory model seat was awesome and never left your back feeling sore.
  • Good Speed – Not Gravely’s fastest model (I believe 8mph is its top speed) but did not disappoint from an efficiency standpoint. Productivity across all of our properties greatly increased.
  • Easy Maintenance – Changing the oil, air filter, blades etc. are all very easy to do on this mower. We haven’t experienced any equipment malfunctions this year.
  • Excellent Height Adjustment – The pull pins and the kick up deck are incredibly easy to operate and to teach others. The pull pin feature is removed on the Gravely Proturn 460 models, and as a result, many landscapers I’ve spoken to are not happy with the change.

Now, for the cons of this mower:

  • Average Cut – Although the Gravely cut isn’t bad, I would categorize it as mediocre in comparison to the Toro we own.
  • Average Discharge – When the Spring growth is out of control, we had a lot of double cutting to do. The Gravely Proturn 60 wasn’t able to disperse the grass that far.
  • No Fuel Gauge – It is frustrating that you can’t see a fuel gauge to notify you when you’re low on fuel. Having to open the gas tank and peak in each time can be a hassle.
  • Smaller Gas Tank – It has a 7 Gallon Gas Tank which isn’t small, but a 10 Gallon would have been nice. The 24.5 HP Kawasaki Engine we have is pretty fuel efficient so it’s not that big of a “con”.
freshly cut lawn by bolton lawn care
Gravely stripes look great here!

In general, through this Gravely Proturn 60 review, I really can’t say too many bad things. I’ve demoed dozens of mowers, and it’s easy to be nit picky about certain aspects.

As a company, what you should ask of your equipment is this: “will this mower cut grass well, not spend downtime in the shop, and give a tremendous ROI?” The answer for us is absolutely yes. We purchased this mower a year old (only .8 hours on it) for under 7k. When a business is trying to operate debt free, a mower like this is an excellent starting point. We look forward to many more years of operation with this mower. We did not have to return it to the shop once this year for any kind of repairs.

Gravely Proturn 60 Review Conclusion

  • Who would we recommend this for?
    • Any business owner who is either starting out, or looking for a reliable, efficient zero turn that comes at an excellent price point. For a homeowner I would recommend going with a less expensive unit.
  • Would we purchase this mower again?
    • Absolutely.
  • Is this an easy mower to operate on for newbies?
    • Definitely! I might sound like a broken record by saying this, but actually reading the owner’s manual will allow you to troubleshoot almost any issue. These mowers are built like tanks. They’re not built to break down.

If you have any questions about the mower feel free to shoot us an email. We are always happy to help out the lawn care community.

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