How To Protect From Lawn Burnout In The Summer

How To Protect From Lawn Burnout In The Summer

As we’re about halfway through the month of July, I think this is probably an important subject to address. Our area is beginning to experience consecutive days of 90+ degrees of heat, which even the hardiest lawns can be stressed by. Below are a few tips to keep your lawn looking tip top through the rest of summer, and prevent from lawn burnout.

burnt out lawn vs healthy lawn

Raise The Cutting Height On Your Mower Deck

If the lawn is being mowed at any less than 3 inches right now, I would bet serious money it’s going to burn out before the fall. It’s very easy to tell which lawns are being cut at a proper height, and which ones are not. The picture below is of a lawn we take care of from less than a week ago. The color of the lawn has a nice dark green color, and minimal yellow spots. Yellow spots are a sign the lawn is stressed. This could be because of a number of reasons such as dull mower blades, cutting too short, or a lawn treatment that killed weeds and left yellow spots.

If you are not sure of the height of your mower blade, simply take a ruler and measure from the ground to the bottom of the blade and make sure it’s at least 3 inches. Even on commercial lawn mowers like we have, when the decks are assembled onto the mower, the height of the mower is almost never the same as where the pin says the height is. For instance, on our Gravely mower, we know the actual cut height is a quarter of an inch lower than where the pin says it’s located. So if we are cutting a lawn at 3.5 inches, we set the mower to 3.75 inches because the deck leveling isn’t perfect.

beautiful lawn with great edging

Watering The Lawn (If Necessary)

So far we’ve had an abundance of rain, but July and August in Pennsylvania can be drought city. Lawns need at least one good watering per week. A solid rain really allows for maximum absorption and will prevent lawn burnout. The best time to water a lawn is in the morning before the sun has completely risen. This is because watering a lawn while the sun is fully risen will waste a good amount of water to evaporation. Watering at night is good, but can be an issue with lawn mold and fungus’s.

Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

Keeping your mower blades sharp is one of the best tips a lawn care company can offer. The above picture shows blades of grass cut with dull and sharp lawn mower blades. If your lawn looks like the picture on the left, you are causing a lot of stress on your lawn, which is especially dangerous in the summer. On the right is how blades of grass should look after it was mowed. If you are mowing the lawn yourself, I’d recommend sharpening your blades now since we are about half way through the season. This will keep your property nice and healthy for the rest of the year and help to avoid lawn burnout.

At our company, we sharpen and replace blades every week because of the volume we do, and because of the quality of cut. Professional lawn companies change blades frequently for this exact reason It’s easy to spot a lawn that was being cut with dull blades, you’ll see uncut blades of grass, and a light green hew to the lawn that will turn the lawn yellow if the issue is not addressed. There are a number of “How To” videos on Youtube for sharpening mower blades, or take them a local hardware store.

Consistent Mowing Schedule

Frequent mowing (weekly) is required for all healthy lawns. Waiting too long between lawn cuts is a recipe for disaster. You never want to “Tomahawk” a lawn (chop off more than one third of each blade) because you’ll kill it. Also when grass grows too long without being mowed, it’ll become yellow above the soil line and begin to die off.

Avoiding Lawn Burnout Conclusion

Hopefully this article was enlightening and you will share it with your friends! Keep those lawns nice and healthy this summer!! For quality landscaping service and weekly lawn mowing, contact us today.