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Is your home located in Doylestown Township or Doylestown Borough? Chances are you have probably seen the properties we manage. If you would like to join the Bolton Lawn Care Family today, we’d be glad to service your property. Have your lawn stand out from the rest of your neighbors with our quality landscaping. Bolton Lawn Care offers exceptional service at competitive pricing for Doylestown homes and businesses.

Tired of caring for your property this year? Or perhaps you are done with landscaping contractors charging you an arm and a leg for mediocre services. Well, your pursuit is completed. Bolton Lawn Care is here to take care of your concerns. If you want your property to stand apart this summer and be the envy of your local community, talk to us for a free estimate. Don’t let your yard grow yellow spots thanks to layers of leaves. Get in touch with us about a leaf removal estimate. If you haven’t mulched your floral beds in a few years, this year is probably the time! Help keep the weeds in control this summer with our landscaping service.


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Lawn Care Doylestown

a fresh cut lawn in doylestown paThe number one goal for our business is making sure our customers are more than happy. When our business started to concentrate on our client’s concerns, we witnessed a tremendous improvement in our referral business. If you want to help keep your lawn healthy and green, weekly lawn mowing is required. Our years of experience in lawn care has improved our quality and our capability to cut properties for a very competitive price. What distinguishes Bolton Lawn Care from our competitors, is our affordable service that renders constantly high rates of total satisfaction.

If you have grown dissatisfied with your present landscaping business that has neglected quality due to their expansion, Bolton Lawn Care is your solution. Along with regular lawn mowing, our weekly lawn care estimate includes edging around the total property, and blowing down all paths, patios, and the driveway. Our rule is to handle every person’s home as though it were our own home. By having this attitude, we always aim to go above and beyond.

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Lawn mowing for Bucks County, PA

Bolton Lawn Care also offers landscaping services along with our lawn care business. We do mulching, planting, pruning, weeding and more. No property is perfect without appropriate landscaping. No matter what your current home’s landscaping circumstance, Bolton Lawn Care will advise reliable advice to enrich your landscaping.

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Leaf Removal Services In Doylestown

great landscaping work done in doylestown paOne of the hardest parts of being a resident in Pennsylvania is having to clean up all the leaves on your property. Trees can be great for providing value to your residence, but also can be a complete mess in the fall. We have seen it in the past, nearby residents of our customers do not collect their leaves in the fall, allow the leaves and debris to sit all winter under snowfall and ice, and question why their lawn looks awful in the spring. When leaves sit on top of your lawn, they create a hotbed for bacteria and pests to develop during the spring which kills your lawn. Call for a leaf removal estimate. If you’ve delayed until the spring to check this page out, give us a call before the weather starts to get warm, and the grass begins to grow once again.

18901: Mulching and Weed Control 

The most effective way to keep weeds from overtaking your gardens and flower beds is with weed tarps and mulch. With quality weed tarps and properly treated mulch, landscaping no longer has to be an annual expenditure. We’ve had customers go several years without replacing their tarps and mulching every other year or two. Initially put to use for organic farming in European nations, black tarp weed control has made its way into U.S. landscaping practices.

As well as keeping weeds from growing, black tarps also keep direct sunlight in and allow for more substantial plant growth. Even though the soil will warm up considerably, the black tarps will not harm the soil’s microorganisms and mineral levels. When tarps are placed down by professionals like ourselves, they will help plants grow bigger and prevent weeds from germinating. The mulch turns into a second line of defense for any weed that were somehow able to penetrate the tarps thick fibers. Mulch is also plentiful in nutrients which will at some point biodegrade into the ground. Compost filled with weed seeds is typical in low cost mulch companies. Often paying a little extra may save you from buying mulch loaded with weed seeds. Don’t get your hands dirty this season. Let us do that for you! At Bolton Lawn Care, we’ll be sure your lawn stands out among the rest.

In addition to weekly lawn care services, Bolton Lawn Care offers a number of other services in Doylestown, PA including:

  • Mulching and Weeding
  • Leaf Removal Service
  • Snow Removal
  • Power Washing
  • Planting
  • Trimming and Edging
  • Indoor Painting

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