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Is your home located in Roxborough? Chances are you have probably seen the properties we manage. If you would like to join the Bolton Lawn Care Family today, we’d be glad to service your property. Have your lawn stand out from the rest of your neighbors with the best landscaping service in Roxborough. Bolton Lawn Care offers exceptional service at competitive pricing for your home or business.

Are you finished with taking care of your yard this year? Or perhaps you are done with landscaping companies charging you an arm and a leg for mediocre services. Look no more! Bolton Lawn Care is here to change that. Make your home the conversation of the community with our weekly lawn care service. We of course provide free estimates. Don’t let your turf grow yellow spots thanks to layers of leaves. Get in touch with us about a leaf removal estimate. Have weeds and other intrusive seedlings consumed your floral beds? We can remedy that with some black tarp weed control and mulch.


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Lawn Care Roxborough

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At Bolton Lawn Care, our clients are the main priority. When our operation started to fixate on our client’s desires, we saw a major progression in our referral business. If you want to help keep your lawn nutrient rich and green, regular lawn care is needed. You will probably be surprised to discover that our grass mowing service cost is more than equitable, but our quality is unrivaled. Offering lawn service at a competitive rate, with high quality, is what differentiates ourselves from all the landscaping companies in the local area.

If you want to stay away from the big lawn care companies who do not have proper quality assurance mechanisms in effect, Bolton Lawn Care is fix. Along with regular lawn mowing, our regular lawn care quote features edging around the total property, and blowing down all paths, patios, and the driveway. Going above what is expected for our customers is not only good business strategy, but what motivates us every day to routinely deliver for consumers we care about.

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Landscapers Roxborough, PA

Bolton Lawn Care also offers landscaping services in addition to our lawn care service. We do mulching, planting, pruning, weeding and more. No property is perfect without necessary landscaping. Regardless of your current home’s landscaping circumstance, Bolton Lawn Care will recommend reliable advice to improve your landscaping.

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Leaf Removal Services In Roxborough

leaf removal service and spring clean up image roxborough paRaking leaves, while in many cases a daunting task, is extremely important to your yard’s health. If your yard has trees such as maple, oak, ash, and even a pine tree, these leaves are going to create a mess of your yard. We’ve noticed it in the past, neighbors of our customers do not clear up their leaves in the fall, allow the leaves to sit all winter under snowfall and ice, and wonder why their lawn looks horrendous in the spring. When leaves stack on top of your grass, the lawn can not breathe! Give us a ring for a leaf removal quote. Do not wait for the pests and bacteria to grow beneath your leaves. If you’re reading this in the springtime and you didn’t clear your leaves last year, it is not too late still!

19128: Mulching and Weed Control 

Over the years, we have found time and time again that the best way to keep your flower beds healthy, and secure from weeds is via black tarps and mulching. High quality weed tarps can work years at a time, but still are effective. Fascinatingly enough, black tarp weed control was established in Europe for farming, and at some point made it’s way into American landscaping. Black tarps in addition to keeping weeds suppressed, they also help in plant growth by trapping heat in. Some professionals originally hypothesized that the added heat could kill the soil’s healthy bacteria and nutrient levels, but this has been demonstrated to be not true. Tarps, when placed the right way, will enable plants to grow healthier, and will not permit weeds to develop.

If the black tarp by some means allows a couple of straggler weeds to penetrate it’s surface, the mulch works as a sturdy second layer of defense. Mulch not only helps prevent weed growth, but is dense in nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus which will biodegrade into the ground. We always purchase mulch from sustainable companies, and companies we trust will not sell us compost loaded with weed seeds. Don’t get your hands filthy this summer. Let us do that for you! At Bolton Lawn Care, we’ll make certain your lawn stands out among the rest.

In addition to weekly lawn care services, Bolton Lawn Care offers a number of other services in Roxborough, PA including:

  • Mulching and Weeding
  • Leaf Removal Service
  • Power Washing
  • Planting
  • Trimming and Edging
  • Indoor Painting

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