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Is your home located in Warminster? Chances are you have probably seen the properties we manage. If you would like to join the Bolton Lawn Care Family today, we’d be glad to service your property. Have your lawn stand out from the rest of your neighbors with our quality landscaping. Bolton Lawn Care offers exceptional service at competitive pricing for your home or business.

Tired of dealing with your yard this year? Or maybe you are tired of landscaping contractors overcharging you for average service. Well, your quest is over. Bolton Lawn Care is here to resolve your concerns. If you want your turf to attract attention this summer and be the talk of your neighborhood, reach out to us for a free assessment. If your property is damaged from not raking your leaves last fall, we also do leaf removal. Haven’t mulched your gardens in a few years? This year may be the right time! Keep the weeds in control this season with our landscaping service.


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Lawn Care Warminster

a lawn mowed in warminster paSeeing to it that our clients are overly pleased with our services has been our driving force. As a result of our concentration on our customer’s happiness, we have experienced a consistent growth in referrals.

In order to keep your property in good health, weekly lawn mowing is required. Our lawn mowing prices are extremely competitive, and we will match nearly all competitors. What distinguishes ourselves from our competition, is our affordable service that renders consistently high rates of total satisfaction. Forget the big lawn care companies that do not care about the customer like we do. We will see to it that each and every single time we service your lawn, we make it happen to the best of our ability.

Alongside regular lawn mowing, our weekly lawn care estimate includes edging around the total property, and blowing down all paths, patios, and the driveway. Going above what is expected for our clients is not only very good business practice, but what motivates us every day to consistently deliver for the people we care about.

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Aside from our lawn care business, we offer traditional landscaping services such as mulching, weeding, and planting. No yard is complete without proper landscaping. No matter what your current home’s landscaping condition, Bolton Lawn Care will suggest reliable advice to improve your landscaping.

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Leaf Removal Services In Warminster

leaf removal services in warminster paAn often overlooked part of general lawn care is raking leaves. Trees are excellent for adding value to your property, but also can be a total mess in the fall. Numerous times we have seen either clients, or neighbors of clients, not rake their leaves and consult us as to why their properties can not grow in the spring. When leaves amass on top of your lawn, the lawn can not breathe! Give us a ring for a leaf removal quote. If you’re reading through this and it’s spring time, call us shortly before the bacteria and pests begin to swarm your yard.

18974: Mulching and Weed Control 

The most effective way to help keep weeds from engulfing your gardens and flower beds is with weed tarps and mulch.Exceptional quality mulch and weed tarps are truly durable, and can easily last for years without needing to be replaced. Black tarps were initially used in organic farming in Europe, but have made their method into United States landscaping.

Black tarps in addition to keeping weeds suppressed, they also help in plant growth by trapping heat in. Even though the soil will warm up considerably, the black tarps will not harm the soil’s bacteria and nutrient levels. When tarps are laid down by experts like ourselves, they can help plants grow bigger and prevent weeds from germinating.

When we put mulch over these black tarps, we’ve included another layer of protection for our garden or flower beds. Along with stopping weeds from germinating, mulch has lots of essential vitamins and mineral which will help balance your soil’s PH levels. Mulch filled with weed seeds is typical in low cost mulch companies. Often paying a little extra may save you from buying mulch filled with weed seeds.

Don’t get your hands dirty this season. Let us do that for you! At Bolton Lawn Care, we’ll make sure your home stands out among the rest.

In addition to weekly lawn care services, Bolton Lawn Care offers a number of other services in Warminster, PA including:

  • Mulching and Weeding
  • Leaf Removal Service
  • Landscaping In Warminster, PA
  • Power Washing
  • Planting
  • Trimming and Edging
  • Indoor Painting

Call today or text Andrew today to discuss pricing, and for a free estimate from the professionals at Bolton Lawn Care.

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