Lawn Aeration Chalfont, PA

Fall and Spring lawn aeration is one of the easiest ways to create a stronger, thicker, and healthier turf grass. Aeration is the process of punching holes into the ground and pulling out small 2-4 inch cores of dirt. This allows nutrients, oxygen and water to penetrate deeper into the soil, giving a lawn the added edge it needs. If you are looking for a lawn aeration company in Chalfont, PA, look no further. We will be happy to provide that service for you.

Aeration also helps break down thatch build up. Thatch is the yellow dead grass layer that lies between turf grass and the ground. Excessive thatch build up can cause a number of issues. The biggest issue with excessive lawn thatch is that it prevents or dilutes fertilizer, oxygen and other nutrients from penetrating the ground. Why pay all that money for a fertilization program only to have half or none of the nutrients getting absorbed! This is where a good lawn aeration comes in handy. 

Layer of thatch

Lawn Aeration Chalfont PA

If you use a zero turn mower or other heavy equipment on your lawn, it’s inevitable that the soil is going to become compact. Especially in the hot summer months if we have a drought, the soil will become extra compact. Lawn aerating helps decompact your lawn, which in turn makes your lawn a healthier environment for turf grass to grow.

Want to really boost your lawn this year? Combine the lawn aeration with an overseeding. We use a premium grass seed mixture that has been created through genetic engineering at Penn State University for lawns in our area specifically. We offer a special discount on our aeration and overseeding combination.

If you are interested in more information about lawn care and landscaping, please feel free to visit our lawn care blog and email us if you have any questions.