Ryan Lawnaire V Aerator Review

ryan lawnaire v aerator review from bolton lawn care

We decided to write a Ryan Lawnaire V Aerator review after purchasing one this past year. The price point for this unit is around $3,400 before taxes. We purchased the 36″ Ryan Lawnaire V Aerator with Easy Steer Technology, which is the biggest walk behind unit they make. Let’s start with the pro’s and the con’s of this aerator.

Ryan Lawnaire V Pro’s

  • Very Fast – This unit has awesome speed and can aerate an acre of land in under an hour – resulting in great efficiency for a business.
  • Easy Steer Technology – The easy steer technology doesn’t allow you to make full speed turns with the tines in the ground, but does allow you to make turns at half throttle. If you’ve used a walk behind aerator, you know that turning is the hardest part of the job. With the Ryan Easy Steer Technology, you no longer have to worry about constantly disengaging the tines, turning the 400 lb machine in a circle, re-engaging the tines and aerating.
  • Less Operator Fatigue – Operator fatigue is the number one complaint when it comes to walk behind aerating. We were able to do tens of thousands of square feet of aerating in a single day with this unit without our bodies aching.
  • Fuel Efficiency – We have the Honda engine Ryan Lawnaire V aerator and were amazed by how little gas it burned. For a small one-gallon tank, we could use this machine for hours without having to refuel.
ryan lawnaire v aerator review in use
Ryan Lawnaire V with the Honda Engine (recommended)

The Con’s

  • No Parking Break – This machine doesn’t have a parking break, which is easily its biggest con. Unless this machine is ratchet strapped down incredibly tight, it will move all over the place. A parking break mechanism would have been a great addition.
  • Sensitive Drive Engage – This has been an issue for just about every walk behind aerator I have ever used. When engaging the drive bar, if you pull down too fast on the bar, the aerator will take off on you. This isn’t a huge deal, but it’s annoying.
  • Price Point – The price of this machine is around $3,400. Some smaller companies are probably better off renting a machine for a day and paying $80 and hitting as many properties as possible. For a company that does lots of lawn aerations, this will be an excellent purchase.

Ryan Lawnaire V Review Conclusion

It was honestly tough for us to come up with a list of con’s for this machine. We really were satisfied with this purchase. Similar to the comments in our Gravely Proturn 60 review, this machine was incredibly reliable for us and never broke down. While the price of this model may deter some people from purchasing, having an aerator on hand, and ready for a crew to use is a huge benefit.

  • Who would we recommend the Ryan Lawnaire V to?
    • Any company that can justify the price point. Make sure the demand is there before purchasing. Try to at least ‘break even’ the first year of purchasing this model.
  • Is there a lot of training required for this machine?
    • Not at all. You could be a professional operator on this machine in an hour.

We like to buy equipment like the Ryan Lawnaire V aerator brand new because this machine gets used maybe two-three months out of the year. When you buy new, this machine will last over a decade. The first few years of operation you should encounter little to no issues with the machine as well. We hope this Ryan Lawnaire V aerator review was valuable, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out.

ryan lawnaire v aerator sitting on our trailer