Why Removing Fallen Leaves Is Important

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The Importance Of A Fall Leaf Cleanup

Fall leaf cleanups are a task most homeowners dread. Depending on the amount of trees on your property, and the different types of trees, leaf cleanups can feel like a never ending task. Certain trees like Maples tend to drop their leaves early and before thanksgiving, while Pin Oak trees can hold on all through December. Understanding the reasons why leaf removal is important to your property will help make your yard stand out next Spring.

Why Leaf Cleanup Is Important For Your Home

Leaves if left on the grass through the winter may decompose, but unless they are finely mulched up by a lawn mower, chances are they will cause a host of issues for your property. Leaves left on the lawn hold moisture, which invite diseases such as dollar spot, rust, gray leaf spot, powdery mildew, anthracnose and Helminthosporium leaf spot. The tricky part about these diseases is that they can go unnoticed in the spring and fall, but set the groundwork for more serious damage. Proper lawn maintenance strategies can help keep these funguses at bay, with the most important of them being a proper fertilization program, and a fall leaf cleanup.

If you are wondering why the fall is so important for leaf cleanups, it’s because this is the time when leaves drop the most, and simultaneously grass goes dormant. When lawns go dormant in Pennsylvania, they still need oxygen and sunlight to stay alive. 

  • Leaves left on a lawn prevent sunlight from getting to the grass. Without sunlight, grass cannot property go through photosynthesis and will struggle to stay alive.
  • If left on the lawn, leaves also prevent oxygen from getting to the grass, which is essential to the survival of a lawn in the winter.
  • Leaves are excellent moisture traps. As we discussed earlier, an excess of moisture is an open invite to fungus to ruin your lawn. 
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If you are looking for a reliable local leaf removal service nearby, Bolton Lawn Care has got you covered. We start our leaf cleanups in early-mid November and continue through December. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate for our leaf removal service.