Chester County Lawn Mowing And Landscaping Service

Landscaping Service In Chester County

Below is a list of towns that we perform landscaping in Bucks County, PA. Bolton Lawn Care has just recently started performing landscaping jobs, and weekly lawn care in Chester County. Our business is located in Bucks County, and is only about a half hour from our service area towns on the Main Line.


Berwyn, Devon, Paoli

At Bolton Lawn Care, our quality of work is the most important factor of our business model. Too often large lawn care companies lose sight of the most important objective: The actual property! We understand our customer’s needs, and continuously strive to go above and beyond them.

If you’re interested in a landscaping company that takes care of their customers, at an affordable rate, look no further. We would be glad to give you a free estimate and add you to our client list. Landscaping is something we are passionate about at Bolton Lawn Care, and our passion can be seen through our high quality landscaping work. Visit our blog for some examples of work we’ve done and for other helpful tips about landscaping, snow removal and lawn care.

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