Gas Or Electric Leaf Blower For Your Home?

Ryan Cooper of “The Week” Says Electric

In his article which you can find a link to below, Ryan Cooper discusses the negatives of using gas powered equipment. He goes as far as to say “Gas-powered leaf blowers are indeed bad. But the problem runs deeper. In fact, all small gasoline engines — used in things like weed whackers, lawn mowers, tillers, and so forth — are astoundingly filthy and should be phased out as soon as possible. It’s time to electrify all lawn equipment.”

We have used both electric and gas powered leaf blowers before and Mr. Cooper is not wrong in saying that they both preform the same job. Electric leaf blows from brands like Stihl, Echo, and Toro are all excellent tools. Electric leaf blowers however, are not practical when we are cleaning up lawns that are over an acre. The cord that you plug into the wall is also a hassle when trying to clean up leaves.

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But Mr.  Cooper is onto something here with all electric leaf blowers, weed wackers, and mowers.

Tesla uses batteries now that are capable of driving cars for hundreds of miles without needing to be recharged. In the near future, it is very likely that landscaping equipment could also see a similar change. This would not only be great for our environment, but also for the landscaping companies. Gas an oil are one of the biggest costs for a landscaping company. Switching to electric would save our landscaping company a lot of money.

“Overall, while estimates are of course hard to make, a 2011 EPA study concluded that gas-powered lawn equipment was responsible for 24-45 percent of non-road gasoline emissions. The California government predicts that within a few years, gas-powered lawn equipment will be the biggest source of ozone pollution in the state.”

Is Change Possible In The Industry?

Change would be great for all of us and our environment. Unfortunately, there is no battery powered lawn mowers on the market right now, and none in development that we are aware of.

If you are looking for a leaf blower to clear off your walkway or your patio, we always recommend buying an electric leaf blower. Not only are they easy to store, but they also are extremely affordable. Some brands like Black and Decker can be found as low as $40. Avoid buying a gas powered blower for small areas. They almost always require mixed gasoline, and need to be stored in a shed or else the smell of gasoline will fill up your garage or home.

This video below does a great job of testing out different leaf blowers and giving you an interactive explanation of each.

As landscapers, we obviously care about the environment. When new technology comes along that creates environmentally friendly lawn equipment, we will be sure to be early adopters.





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