Landscapers And Groundskeepers Are Ranked #1 in Best Maintenance And Repair Jobs

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In a feature from US News which they do every year, their formula stated landscapers and grounds keepers ranked #1 in best maintenance and repair jobs. This probably comes as no surprise to anyone in the green industry, considering most of us got into the industry for the love of what we do!

In addition to being ranked #1 in the best maintenance and repair jobs category, landscaper and groundskeeper was also ranked #4 in the best jobs without a college degree category. This came as somewhat of a shock to me considering the fact that in the top 10 of this category, only two of the occupations were manual labor. A variety of factors go into determining the best jobs methodology which you can read here. I think the rational behind the formula is good, obviously imperfect, and definitely well thought out.

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Highlights Of The Article

  • Very Low Stress Ranking
  • Above Average Opportunity For Advacement
  • Above Average Flexibility In Work Scheduling
  • Very High Future Growth

As the baby boomer generation continues to age, fewer homeowners are able to take care of the landscaping on their property. But this isn’t the only generation that is looking for lawn care and landscaping services. The new generation of working professionals are also less likely than previous generations to take care of their landscaping themselves.

For future growth, US News is projecting the landscaping field to grow 8.8%, and add 106,000 jobs by 2028.

Unfortunately for landscape business owners, the unemployment rate is 2%, which means most companies either have enough workers, or can’t hire enough. As unemployment levels increase, hiring for landscape business owners tends to become easier.

My Takeaway

I’m really not surprised that landscaping was ranked so high in the best maintenance and repair jobs. I love landscaping and the freedom and satisfaction it brings me. I’ve always said that landscaping is one of the few industries where every time you leave a job, you can see exactly the kind of work you did. Being able to be outside in the sun, working hard, and having low stress is one of the main reasons so many people do landscaping as a “side gig” too.

If a person is thinking about becoming a part of the landscaping and ground keeping industry and doesn’t enjoy being outside or working hard, I highly suggest finding a different career.

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