What To Consider When Hiring A Landscaper In Philadelphia

Hiring The Best Landscapers For Your Phiadelphia Home.

Hiring a professional landscaper in Philadelphia is the safest way to ensure that your lawn stays healthy this year. A qualified landscaping company like Bolton Lawn Care provides excellent service on a consistent basis, not just on occasion.

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There are a number of landscaping companies in Philadelphia, so it’s important to make your decision based on results. Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania, so finding a landscaping service won’t be hard. What will be hard, however, is finding a service that delivers excellent results. Top notch lawn mowing companies provide quality care and maintenance, without costing you an arm and a leg.

We encourage all people searching for a new landscaping service to do research before hiring a company. A friend’s recommendation is one of the most popular ways weekly lawn mowing services get hired. Who wouldn’t trust a friend’s recommendation? Referrals from friends, neighbors, and relatives is an excellent source of information when deciding on hiring a new lawn mowing service.


Landscapers In Philadelphia

At Bolton Lawn Care, almost all of our business is generated through word of mouth referrals. If you’re a business owner, you understand that a business referral is the most powerful source of generating new business. What’s the easiest way of getting a referral? By consistently providing excellent service.

As homeowners, we tend not to brag about average lawn mowing service. Nobody brags about an average lawn. Simple. Our company consistently strives to provide service that makes your lawn look like it could be featured on a golf course. When looking for a lawn care company, search online for their reputation.

Google reviews are a great service when trying to understand the reputation of a business. People online can give good or bad reviews for a service, and according to a study by the Small Business Bureau, 90% of consumers trust a google review as much as a personal review. Google has taken measures to ensure that spammers and fake reviews are harder to post, giving the google ratings more credibility.

Consider A Company’s Age

Another important thing to consider is how long the company has been in business. The age of the company can indicate a long standing history of success. This is not to discredit younger businesses, but a business like Bolton Lawn Care that has been around since the 1950’s is no coincidence. Companies with over 60 years of experience and success stay in business because of their commitment to keeping their core values.

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The most basic service a landscaping company can provide is lawn mowing and weed wacking. Companies that go above and beyond provide:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Border edging for driveways, walkways and patios
  • Weeding
  • Leaf removal in the spring and fall
  • Mulching service
  • Landscaping

The best landscaping companies in addition to weekly lawn mowing service can offer planting services. Planting services include seasonal planting of flowers, mulching, and garden designs. It can be tough to find a landscaper in Philadelphia, but look no further!


The Two Most Common Mistakes When Hiring A Landscaping Service.

Landscaping companies in Philadelphia, PA like Bolton Lawn Care have years of experience with landscaping. Experience goes hand-in-hand with knowledge in landscaping. With over 60 years of experience, Bolton Lawn Care’s knowledge of landscaping and lawn care is unmatched. If you’re looking for a quality landscaping service, contact Andrew today for a free estimate.


Hiring A Landscaping Service Without An Assessment.


Another common mistake is hiring a new landscaping company without asking for an assessment. Each properly has different landscaping conditions and is a different size. More often than not when people hire companies without an assessment, people end up overpaying. Overpaying for a landscaper in Philadelphia is extremely common. On the flip side, often people will pay for a landscaper in Philadelphia who is extremely cheap, and get poor landscaping as a result. The best way to judge a company is by their professionalism, their website, and the work they have done.



Not Getting A Property Assessment.

During a property assessment with Andrew, make sure to discuss your needs and your budget. Andrew will walk around the property with you and any problems your current yard has, make sure to make him aware of them.


How Much Does Landscaping Cost?


Many people ask this and the answer is much more complicated than the question. Standard lawn mowing service all depends on your property. If you have neighbors with similar sized homes, ask them what they pay. Let Andrew know during your property assessment what your neighbors are paying for homes of similar size. He will most likely give you a similar estimate, or a lower one if he sees fit. For services like mulching and leaf removal, Andrew follows a T x M model. A T x M model is explained more in our blog about T x M, but at it’s most basic level, it’s Time x Material = Cost of Service. Snow removal pricing will also need to be assessed by Andrew based on the size of your driveway. At the current time, we do not do snow removal in Philadelphia, only in Bucks County and Montgomery County.