Landscaping In Pipersville, PA

On Saturday, we got a landscaping service request from a client in Pipersville. She had an end property in a town home development, and wanted leaf removal and a final lawn cut. We were more than happy to help!

Going into the job, we were not sure if about the size of the end property. We did a quick search on Google Maps and still were not sure about the size of her backyard since it intersects with the neighbors. She also had a small pop-up fence which added to the amount of weed wacking that was necessary. The leaf removal was fast and only took about 6 30-Gallon bags to remove it all. Our team was able to finish the leaf removal in just over an hour, but we did not charge any additional time.

For the final cut, we had our blades on the 4” setting which is the lowest we ever cut at. We’ve found in the past that mowing lawns lower than 4 will burn the grass, especially in the summer time. It’s best to make your final cut as low as possible without damaging the grass for a number of reasons. First, when long grass is left during the winter, snow and leaves pile on top of it. When the long grass tries to grow during the spring, it has a much tougher time growing.

Landscaping Service Pipersville, PA


Second, when grass is left long during the winter, grass no longer stands straight. When long grass begins to lean over, that is when you invite disease, which thrives during wet seasons like April. Long leaning grass also shades other pieces of grass that haven’t grown as fast, and prevents them from getting normal sunlight. If you don’t normally cut your lawn low, you more than likely have yellow spots on your lawn. Instead of spraying it with fertilizer and other chemicals in the spring, cut your lawn short during the winter and you’ll avoid yellow disease spots.





Edging Around Fences

The above image is the small pop-up fence I mentioned earlier. The fence was dug into the ground only at the points where the poles with the round knobs on top are located. This meant that a good majority of the fencing was hovering just above the grass, which made it easy for weed wacking and providing a nice edge along the fence. Edging like this needs to be accounted for when creating a price for a property like this. While it may appear small, the additional time needed to edge this fence adds to the cost of maintaining this property.

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