How Lawn Mowing Service Pricing Works

When a customer asks, “What do you charge?”, it is often more complicated than giving a simple answer. For a lawn mowing service, we take a number of factors into consideration.

1. Property Size.

Instead of doing an estimate based on the square footage, it is more efficient to survey your property. We could look at Google Maps and decide based on the size of the house, the going rate in the neighborhood, and the area demographics, that your property will cost amount. However, lawn service companies that do this often find themselves either over pricing or under pricing. This is why at Bolton Lawn Care, we come out to your residence or business and make an estimate.

2. Property Layout

After we have done a general assessment of your property, we take into consideration the layout. If your home is the corner property in a neighborhood, your lawn may be much bigger than your neighbors, and could have more sidewalk. When a lawn has a large sidewalk, this adds extra area that will need to be edged and trimmed. If your home has an abundance of trees or plants, these also form obstacles that will increase the amount of time necessary for trimming and edging.

3. Time​

A common mistake landscapers make is not realistically considering the amount of time a property will take.  As a Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies Major, I have learned the importance of opportunity cost. Here is a perfect example of missed opportunity: If I decide a lawn looks like its the size of a typical $40 lawn, and neglect the potential time needed for extra weed wacking, it could take 30 minutes more than a regular $40 property. In this hypothetical, I’ve lost half an hour of revenue. Factoring in time during an assessment of your property is often a step that landscapers overlook.

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