Leaf Cleanup Tips For A Healthy Lawn

Picture of a leaf cleanup side by side done by us in Chalfont pa

Cleaning the leaves off your property is one of the most crucial tasks for lawn maintenance in the fall. Leaves that get left on the lawn over winter are sure to cause an issue when Spring rolls around. We have written before here about why fall and spring leaf cleanups are important. This blog is simply a recommendation of a few ways to make leaf cleanup a breeze!

Mulching The Leaves

Leaves being mulched with a lawn mower

Some people might suggest mulching the leaves up on your property, which isn’t a bad idea, although it must be followed with lime. The lime will help break down the leaves even more, and will help balance the acidity of your lawn. If you’ve ever noticed moss formations on your lawn, or have a particular area that just never seems to grow, it’s most likely due to poor soil PH. It’s almost a guarantee that this area of the lawn is either shaded by trees or the house. In Pennsylvania, the soil is extremely compact and full of clay. This naturally sets up the soil for a PH imbalance. By mulching the leaves on your lawn, you are adding more acidity to the lawn. 

Also, when mulching, be sure to ACTUALLY mulch the leaves up well. One or two passes with a mower isn’t going to cut it. Really finely chop up the leaves. My father used to always say, “make sure they’re no bigger than a quarter”.

Leaf Collection

Riding lawn mower with a bagger for leaf collection.

If you have a mower with a bagging attachment on it, this is an excellent way to clean up leaves. Not only are you shredding the leaves up with the mower blades and removing them, you’ve also just created excellent compost material. If you have a vegetable garden, or any kind of flower beds, this composted material will provide a slow release fertilizer to the garden for the entire winter. Come Spring, you can remove the leaves, or work them into the garden bed using a tiller to create a nice organic soil.

Another advantage of collecting the leaves with a mower is easy access for disposal. Simply remove the bagger and throw the leaves away, or if your city has curbside pickup, dump the bag at your curb. If you have woods in your backyard, or an area to be designated for composting, we suggest starting a compost pile. All you need to do is clear an area large enough (it does not have to be large depending on the size of your lawn), and start dumping. You can add a host of natural substances to it such as old plants, flowers, coffee grinds, eggs shells, etc. Turning the compost pile every month will make the mulched leaves break down faster into rich soil.

Wooded Areas

Freshly cleaned lawn from a leaf removal service done by us.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to say that if you live in a wooded area and can blow the leaves back into the woods, you should probably do that. Not only is it going to save you money, but it’s light years faster than collecting the leaves and disposing of them in the trash. Invest in a walk behind blower or a backpack blower to really make quick work of it. For extra exercise, the ol’ rake and tarp method should do just fine.

We have a number of clients we service that have us return the leaves back to the woods. For this, we charge an hourly rate with no extra fee for disposal of the material. This is a very cost effective way to remove leaves if you are looking to hire a leaf cleanup service.

Leaf cleanup service

If you are looking for a leaf removal company, than look no further. Bolton Lawn Care does fall and spring leaf cleanups as well as garden bed cleanups. Any tall grasses, or annuals that need to be removed, we Are happy to be of service. If you are interested in a leaf cleanup service, contact us today!

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