Can You Buy Happiness By Saving Time?

Research Suggests You Can Buy Happiness By Spending Money On Services That Save You Time.

Can you really buy happiness? Research now suggests that you can..if you use it to buy time. People that are spending cash on services like landscaping, cleaning, taxis etc. are a little happier than those who do not. The survey took place with over 6,000 people in four different countries.


happy people because they saved timeThe researchers gave each subject $40. In the first week, they asked the subjects to purchase an item that was material such as a shirt or a pair of pants. The second week they asked the subjects to spend the money to save them time on something. This could be cleaning, or cutting the grass, something that saved the subjects time. An overwhelming majority of the subjects said that when they spent money to save time, they felt much happier.

Ashley Whillans of the Harvard Business School who lead the study said “the right way someone spends money, like time-consuming drudge work, is what really makes them happy.” when purchasing material objects, humans feel less satisfaction.


The data also suggests that people with lower incomes were able to get a bigger happiness boost from time-saving purchases than those with more. Surprisingly, only 28% of the people surveyed had spent money to save time in the last month. Research also shows that people in rich nations like The United States, have more stress than people in poor nations.


Edward Diener, a researcher at The University Of Illinois says “Buying time through purchases makes a lot of sense. A big part of the stress in rich nations like The United States is this time pressure. We have too much to do, and not everything can get done.”


If you are hesitant about hiring a lawn care company, or any company to perform a service you dread, consider the following:


What is your time worth?

If you really consider what your time is worth, most people will agree that mowing the lawn or taking care of your property isn’t worth the lost opportunity cost. During that hour it took you to mow the lawn, trim the edges, and blow down the driveway, you could have been doing a number of other things. Maybe you could be working an extra hour, or maybe you could be relaxing another hour. Too often in America people get “burnt out” trying to do too many things, especially maintaining a nice property. If you value that extra hour you can sleep in on a Saturday more than you value cutting the lawn yourself, have us take care of your lawn.


Is it worth the cost?

It’s no secret that lawn care equipment is expensive. If you want your lawn to really stand head and shoulders above the rest, you need a high quality mower and trimmer. All said and done you can be looking at over a thousand dollars (or couple thousand depending on how nice you want the mower to be). Not to mention the cost of upkeep, like gasoline and repair parts. Finally, factor in what we mentioned above, the cost of labor. What could you be doing other than cutting your lawn every week for an hour? Are you losing opportunity that might be greater than paying a business to cut your lawn?