Quality Landscaping Service You Can Count On.

Bolton Lawn Care offers a number of services including lawn maintenance, mulch installation, lawn fertilizing, lawn aeration and overseeding, spring and fall cleanups and pruning and hedge trimming. We have worked tirelessly to build a reputation that reflects our commitment to excellent service and exceeding our ​customer’s expectations. We offer Free Estimates On All Services!

Lawn Maintenance

freshly cut lawn by bolton lawn care

Our exceptional lawn mowing service operates with the finest equipment to leave your lawn looking immaculate every week. Contact us today for a free ​estimate!

Mulching Service

mulch installation service done by bolton lawn care

Have your landscape beds stand out this summer with our mulching service. Along with freshly mulched flower beds, we can design a great plant layout for your garden beds. We trim hedges, prune shrubs, pull weeds, and cleanup existing landscapes.

Lawn Fertilizing

Get in touch with us for an estimate on lawn fertilization for the year. We begin our season at the end of March, and follow a treatment schedule that goes through November. We can work together to create a lawn treatment schedule that is ideal for your lawn.

Aeration and Overseeding

In Southeast Pennsylvania, our soil tends to be extremely compact and full of clay. This leads to standing water and shallow root structures which will make a lawn suffer. Aeration is the best way to fight this. Once a lawn has been aerated, overseeding with high quality seed will ensure a healthy lawn. Visit our blog here for an in-depth explanation on lawn aeration.

Spring/Fall Cleanup

Fall leaf cleanup can be a hassle. If you’re tired of cleaning up your lawn every time a windy day decides to litter your property, give us a call. Bolton Lawn Care will make sure your property is taken care of.

Pruning And Hedge Trimming

pruning and hedge trimming service

Hedge trimming and pruning for your landscaping is an important maintenance aspect. We can work together to set up a hedge trimming and pruning plan for your property this year.

Guaranteed Quality

At Bolton Lawn Care, we have always guaranteed our work. We hold ourselves to extremely high standards, and look forward to exceeding your expectations. We would love for you to join our family.

Visit our blog for more information about services we have preformed, and other various topics. Our blogs cover landscaping, lawn care and more.

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Stop Worrying About Your Lawn This Year.

Are you done with handling your property this year? Or are you sick of average service from poor landscaping contractors? Look no further! Bolton Lawn Care is here to fix that. Have your landscaping stand out this summer and be the conversation of the neighborhood with our finest quality service. Contact us for a free price quote today. Don’t let your grass grow yellow spots as a result of layers of leaves. Speak with us about a leaf removal quote. Have weeds and other intrusive seedlings consumed your flower beds? We can fix that with our black tarp weed control and mulch. At Bolton Lawn Care, our customers are the top priority. When our work started to focus on our client’s desires, we saw a tremendous improvement in our referral business. Pretty much every home owner realizes that one of the most convenient ways to help keep their property looking great is with regular lawn mowing. You will be delighted to find that our lawn mowing service rates are more than fair, but our quality is supreme. What separates Bolton Lawn Care from our competitors, is our affordable service that renders consistently high rates of satisfaction.If you want to avoid the big lawn care companies who do not have proper quality control mechanisms in place, Bolton Lawn Care is fix. Alongside regular lawn mowing, our weekly lawn care quote incorporates edging around the entire property, and blowing down paths, patios, and the driveway. Exceeding what is required for our customers is not only great business practice, but what motivates us on a daily basis to routinely deliver for individuals we care about.

Mulch Installation Service and Hedge Trimming Service

Along with our lawn care business, we offer traditional landscaping services like mulching, weeding, and planting. No property is finished without necessary landscaping. Regardless of your current home’s landscaping circumstance, Bolton Lawn Care will recommend professional advice to enrich your landscaping.

Leaf Removal Service

One of the hardest aspects of being a resident in Pennsylvania is having to remove all the leaves on your property. If your property has trees just like maple, oak, ash, or perhaps a pine tree, these leaves are going to make a mess of your property. We have noticed it in the past, nearby residents of our customers do not rake their leaves in the fall, allow the leaves and debris to sit all through winter under snowfall and ice, and wonder why their lawn looks horrendous in the springtime. You will need to let your lawn breathe! Call us for leaf removal for your property this fall. Don’t wait for the pests and bacteria to grow beneath your leaves. If you’re reading this in the spring and you didn’t clear up your leaves last year, it is not too late still!

Lawn Mowing Service

Flower beds and gardens are considerably susceptible to weeds and invasive plants. We have discovered through the years that the most suitable way to suppress weeds is through mulching and black tarps. Exceptional quality mulch and weed tarps are quite long lasting, and can last for many years without having to be replaced. Interestingly enough, black tarp weed control was designed in Europe for farming, and eventually made it’s way into American landscaping practices. Black tarps not only keep weeds suppressed, they also assist in plant growth by holding heat in. Although the soil will heat up considerably, the black tarps will not harm the soil’s bacteria and mineral levels. When tarps are laid down by professionals like ourselves, they are able to help plants grow bigger and prevent weeds from germinating. The mulch turns into a second line of protection for any weed that were somehow able to penetrate the tarps thick fibers. As well as stopping weeds from germinating, mulch contains essential nutrients which will help balance your soil’s PH levels. We always purchase mulch from sustainable businesses, and companies we trust will not sell us compost full of weed seeds. Let us do the dirty work for you this year. Enjoy your summer and have the peace of mind that we are taking care of your property. [/expand]