Snow Removal Services In Chalfont, PA

Snow Removal Chalfont, PA

man shoveling a driveway in Chalfont, PAIf you are looking for someone for driveway snow removal service in New Britain, Bolton Lawn Care has you covered. While our name might say “lawn care” we also offer snow removal service. We’ve built a book of clients that we take care of each winter when snow storms hit. The winter of 2017-2018 is supposed to be a warm winter, but there will be more snow than we have been used to in the fast few years. December, January, and March are supposed to be hit the hardest with snow. Sign up for our snow removal service today and get a 10% discount on your first snow removal by typing the word “SNOW2017” in the comment section of your sign up sheet.




Reliable Snow Shoveling Near You

cub cadet snow thrower that is used for snow removal by Bolton Lawn Care in Chalfont, PA

With our Cub Cadet 2×24 Snow Thrower we are able to get most driveways and sidewalks done in under 30 minutes. Our machine is capable of handling snow over a foot with ease. If you get snowed in this winter, save your back the pain of shoveling your driveway out. Let our Cub Cadet breeze through the winter snow. The picture above is of a snow removal client in New Britain. We know from experience, shoveling as kids, that driveways without equipment can take around an hour. Save the back pain and time and give us a shout.


Unless you feel like spending $1,200 on a Cub Cadet like the one we have, you are most likely going to be shoveling your driveway. Our snow removal service customers in New Britain have always been satisfied by our top notch equipment at Bolton Lawn Care. We only purchase the best capital for our business, in order to maximize our customer satisfaction. With lousy equipment, you’ll get lousy snow removal and lawn care. Purchasing a tiny snow blower that costs around $300 is a total waste of money! Not only do they frequently break down, but they can barely handle snow that is more than a few inches. Sadly, a lot of homeowners will be tricked into buying one of these and be disappointed with their purchase.