Unbiased Review of Cub Cadet 33 inch Walk Behind Mower (CC 760 es)

Cub Cadet 33 inch Walk Behind Mower Review

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If you are looking for a walk behind mower that takes up minimal space in the garage, and works almost as well as a commercial walk behind, the Cub Cadet 33 inch Walk Behind Mower (CC 760 es) is an excellent choice. It definitely has flaws, which I’ll address, but after using one for six years now, it’s arguably one of the best purchases we have made. Let’s start with some Pro’s and Con’s of the mower.


  • Compact – does not take up a lot of space on a trailer, or in a storage area.
  • Strong Engine – have not had to replace any engine parts in six years and 600 hours.
  • Light Weight – easy to maneuver around tight corners.
  • Gives A Good Stripe
  • Electric Start – In my opinion, anything that is electric start is better than pull start.
  • Incredible On Steep Hills – Put the mower into the “1” speed and it will walk itself up a hill with an 85 degree slope. The Cub Cadet 33′ Walk Behind is the best mower I’ve ever seen on steep hills.
  • Very Easy Access For Any Maintenance – Easy to change belts, oil, blades, etc.
  • Good Sized Gas Tank – Can hold around 2 gallons of gas, which is CONSIDERABLY more than a push mower.


  • Cheap Deck Welding – Have had to replace the deck twice because it randomly cracked and fell off. The second time I took it to a welder who reinforced it with a piece of steel and have not had issues since.
  • Drive Speed Change – There are five speeds on this mower, Reverse, 1, 2, 3, and 4. 1 is reserved for hills and 2 and 3 are just a little too slow in my opinion, and the 4th speed is too fast. It does not seem to have a nice middle ground speed.
  • Uncomfortable Handles – Until you have used the mower for awhile, your hands will hurt from constantly letting go and re-engaging the drive and blade handles.

Who Would This Mower Benefit The Most?

This mower has a wide range of applications. It can easily be a reliable homeowner unit that gets used once or twice a week, or it can be part of a lawn mowing service‘s fleet. We use this mower for probably an hour or two of mowing per week, for our clients who have backyards with small gates that we can not fit our zero turn mower in. In my honest opinion, I do not see why a landscaper would purchase a 32″ commercial walk behind from brands like Bobcat or Scag, when they can cost three-four times as much as theĀ Cub Cadet 33 inch Walk Behind Mower (CC 760 es). The only exception would be if the landscaper uses it with extreme frequency. In this case, the Cub Cadet will not be able to handle such workload.

If you have a decent sized lawn (1/4 acre- 1/2 acre) and are looking for a walk behind unit, I would recommend this. I have not tried the Toro Timemaster 33″ Walk Behind or the Exmark 30″ Walk Behind, but I would like to so I can compare brands and update this.



Let me know if you have any questions, and feel free to shoot me an email at boltonlawncarellc@gmail.com for any other questions you might have.

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